Call me old fashioned or am I just getting old?

Recently, I have been feeling my age.  But it’s true – I’m feeling old.  And it’s not just from being a busy mum of three juggling daily life, or from my many ailments from attempting to become as fit as Davina McCall in later life.  

I don’t consider myself naive or particularly out of touch, but wow, how things are changing right in front of my very eyes in the most basic of daily rituals – and this shock is from someone who not long ago worked for one of the world’s leading global IT companies!

My children will experience an exciting future full of possibilities that we can’t even imagine, the majority of which will be enabled by technology.  They will take for granted the ability to have instant accessibility to pretty much everything – news, friends, information – the list is endless.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for it – I feel I’m in for a game of catch up!

Cash is old school.  Cashless fingerprint payments for school lunches, smart phones permitting payment for pretty much anything you want.  Gaming – why knock at your friends house after school for a kick about when you can game in virtual reality without even meeting.  Fitbits and Apple watches as birthday presents – what happened to lego?!  Want a new book to read? It will no doubt be one of the predicted bestsellers on coding that will be read not on paper but on a tablet.

And whilst I may be freaking out, worrying about them developing a personality and social skills beyond asking me where’s the nearest charger or what the wifi code is – developers, investors, businesses and brands need to pay close attention to these children as the next value vertical – they are the market of not even tomorrow, but today.

I’m excited for my children but realise I need to keep up as I’m not sure my advice of just switch it off and on again is going to cut it.

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