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In the words of Madonna, Charles Wright and N.W.A. “express yourself”.

I like to go running.  I also look like I could possibly be sponsored by Nike as I am dressed head to toe in their sportswear.  There isn’t a reason for this and I have been told many times that other brands are better, but I just like Nike – end of – and so I buy it.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, where two brands might offer the same service or sell the same products, but you just seem to relate to one better than the other.  They seem to catch you attention, draw you in and make you feel that their product is the perfect one for you – it just kind of feels right.

This is down to brand personality.  It’s the driving force behind your brand experience.  It’s that unique element that has the ability to bring a company to life and create meaningful connections rather than just a transactional experience.

And that’s why I wear Nike.  Their brand personality is about getting the best, no matter what your ability.  It’s about feeling like you are part of a community all dedicated to health and fitness.  And that’s what makes Nike the phenomenal brand it is.

But what does all this have to do with creating an amazing content marketing strategy?  Without a crystal clear idea of the brand personality, your organisation becomes another software company or another restaurant. It’s generic. And dangerously forgettable.

By being armed with a deep knowledge of your brand’s unique personality and the nuances of your audience, you are ready to create a killer content marketing strategy that will make your brand stand out, generate demand and drive growth.

This is especially true when we live in a world drowning in digital clutter.  Incorporation of brand personality makes your content marketing stand out effective – it provides a clear, targeted, distinct viewpoint to build stronger relationships with prospects and clients. 

By doing this, you will develop content that makes an audience think – ‘they’re talking to me’.  You will understand their preferred channels, content style, format, problems and preferences and consequently make your message relevant.

It is the secret ingredient that has the power to elevate generic content and bring a brand to life.

So whether you prefer soul, pop or hip -hop, in the worlds of Charles Wright, Madonna and N.W.A. get out there and express yourself.

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