OK – you’ve turned my head.

I’m a child of the 90’s, one where the Hacienda and Hooch were on my radar rather than green tea and pilates.  It’s fair to say I was a latecomer to health and fitness and to be honest, this epiphany was driven more by the factors of ageing rather than deciding it would be a pleasurable way of spending my time and money.

I would be more likely to be reading Hello magazine that I would Women’s Health – after all – that was a magazine for a niche market called ‘super athletes’ right?

But then something happened.  Something turned my head.

Like the Lucozade of today, Women’s Health Magazine managed to completely change my perception of their brand because of their content marketing.

Whilst scrolling through Instagram one day, one of their posts caught my eye and an interest in what they were saying promptly sparked.  Yes the images and messaging still contained six packs and meal prepping but something else too – something more personal and relevant.  Maybe I had got it wrong and this wasn’t a channel just for the elite athlete. 

Now we all know how easy it is to spend hours without noticing consuming content and getting information bloat.  We check social media, watch YouTube and read blogs amongst a million other things.  So what was different? What had made WHM stand out and more importantly grab my attention?  

It was their flawless content marketing, cleverly reaching out to change perception, dispelling the fear and encouraging positivity to a brand new audience.  

It was relevant, interesting and more importantly turned my quick scroll into starting a conversation.

These conversations quickly relayed that they totally understood the needs and thoughts of this new, non traditional audience.

Interesting, relevant and credible.  Inspiring, real life and achievable.  

And better still? A joined up message across every channel – a complete home run.  Whether I read their magazine, look at their website or look at InstaStories –  in one place I get everything. 

I’m hooked and left wanting more.  So hurry up WHM and upload your next story.

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